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Notes on the FAQ. They deal primarily with standard specifications, servicing, common new-owner questions etc.
For help on how to fit those 35 tyres and that 8 lift, along with your 2000W spots, or help with any unique and irritating problem your Surf may have, or just to have the craic, you should visit the HiluxSurf.co.uk forums. Much of the information here has been compiled from the wealth of information available on those very forums.
The FAQ primarily cover the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation Japanese market Toyota Hilux Surf (unless otherwise noted), UK 4Runners are generally identical to 2nd Gen Surfs although there will be some differences, 4Runners for other markets may differ. 4th Gen models (introduced in August 2002) are not included in the FAQ.

Ive tried to incorporate most of the FAQs listed on the Hiluxsurf.co.uk forum along with a number of additions. Im sure there are also plenty of other questions that should be included. Feel free to suggest sections, questions, comments, corrections etc.

DISCLAIMER: Care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within is correct and accurate. However, no responsibility can be assumed by the author or any associated parties, for any damage loss or injury whatsoever arising from the use, or interpretation, in any manner, of any information found within these FAQ, or obtained by following any instructions, directions, web-links or anything else contained within.



I'm thinking of buying a Surf, what should I check?
Generation Surf, What Gen's are there?
Model Specs, What different levels are there?
Technical specifications
Mpg, What can I expect?
Weight, What can I carry?
Weight, What can I tow?
Jack and wheel brace, Where are they?
What's this 'Winter Pack' I've heard mentioned?
Why do I keep sliding the back end in the wet or on roundabouts?
Can I use vegetable oil in my Surf?


Odometer seems to be clocking up extra miles, why?
Red button in front of my gear lever
ECT button
Idle-up button/knob
O/D switch
4wd system, How and when do I use it?
Why can I only tune in radio 2 and very little else?
Sat-Nav system, How do I make it work in Ireland/UK?
TV system, How do I make it work in the UK/Ireland?
Stereo, How do I remove it to fit a better one?
Timing belt light, Its just come on, what do I do now?
Red cylindrical object in glovebox/footwell, What is it?
Heated rear window not working?
Speed bell, Please make it go away!
Opening rear window
Hard/Soft Button


Tyres, What size tyres should I have?
Tyre pressures, What should I use?
My Surf is lower at the back than the front, Why?
Noises when on full steering lock
Tow-bars, I cant find one to fit!
Accessories etc, Where can I buy them?
Little mirror on passenger wing
Rear wheel carrier
Operating the tailgate

Under the Bonnet/Servicing/Under the vehicle

Stopping excessive black smoke / solutions to the "black smoke syndrome"
Two batteries in my Surf, is this normal?
Oil changes
Servicing requirements, What are they?
Service parts and spares, Where can I get them?
Auto gearbox oil check
Is there a problem with the Cylinder head on some models?
Owners Manuals / Handbooks etc


If you have any additions/corrections/suggestions/questions etc, please use the forums to let me know - Thanks.


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